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The Sound of Ancient Languages

Have you ever wondered how Middle Egyptian, Hittite, Ancient Chinese, Gothic or Proto-Indo-European might have sounded like?

Wonder no more and enjoy: https://m.curiosity.com/paths/what-ancient-languages-sound-like-forgotten-languages-that-language-channel/#what-ancient-languages-sound-like-forgotten-languages-that-language-channel



After a bit of waffling, I told myself:'Why not?' and took the plunge.

As of today I'm on Patreon, there you'll find (if so inclined) my haiku, haibun, translation of Chinese poetry and free-verse poems. Have a look, if you wish. :)

My Patreon

Kissed by Fire

It has been ages since I posted something painted by the hubby.

Here comes his latest portfolio piece, a character from George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire Ygritte the wildling.


New Review Up

I've a review for The House of Shattered Wings by aliettedb up at Outside of Dogs

New Review Blog

I've started a book-review blog on Worldpress, I'll keep this one for mixed personal things.

First review is up, it's for Court of Fives by kateelliott (spoiler-free).

If you like my review, follow me at Outside of a Dog, re-blogging and signal-boosting welcome.


Aug. 20th, 2015

I just joined NetGALLEY, it seems an interesting place and another way to find (and read, and share, and promote) good books is always welcome.

Thanks to aliettedb for the opportunity.

Challenge Participant

Reading Is Reading

Every now and then I get caught in the sidelines of the 'paper book vs. e-reader' war. I admit I never understood why it has to be one or the other instead of one and the other, so today I made available my opinion in graphic form via Society6 :


In case any like-minded individual is interested in making the point.

Here's how the T-shirt looks


The tote bag is quite nice, if I say so myself


And here's the mug, for those crispy fall afternoons of hot beverages and reading


Need help with metric conversion


I need a bit of help with a recipe, could someone let me know how much a cup of diced fresh fruit is, in grams?

It doesn't need to be absolutely precise, for this recipe there's no great difference between, for instance, 230 grams and 250.

Thank you!

Home-made sports drink

This summer the weather has been horrid over here, hot and damp. Doing anything more strenous than breathing resulted in being drenched and feeling light-headed.

Everybody have been drinking a lot to cope, for me the best refreshers are two all-natural solutions:

coconut milk (nothing added, drink cold, slowly)


our former gongfu instructor's homemade sports drink, I make it with our 'standard-size' bottled water, for 1.5 liters you'll need:

Juice of 2 lemons

2 tablespoons of sugar (I use cane).

2 coffee spoons of salt.

when I make it I pour some water in a glass before adding the other ingredients and then top the bottle as needed.

NOTE: if you use sparkling water pour about half in a carafe before adding the juice and the sugar in the bottle, otherwise you'll get a white-water eruption.


I'm in love...

Hubby and I have been back from the US for a few days and now I'm starting to feel at home in the time-zone again (well, more or less).

Our trip went extremely well, both on the vacation side (Miami Beach), and the vacation-cum-businness one (Gen Con Indy), hubby landed a couple of rather big new clients and much fun was had.

And about fun...I fell in love hard.

While we were in Miami, uncle Mirco proposed kayaking on the Oleta River,not knowing what was involved I was a bit reluctant but went along...and had the time of my life.

I loved everything about it: tandem paddling, the quiet, the proximity of water, the manouverability, I could have happily spent our whole holiday flat water kayaking (now, white water is definitely NOT for me).

There are a few physical activities I really like but most of them are impossible for me for different reasons:

my ophtalmologist had me drop gongfu (I still smart about that), horse riding is unaffordable, locations for the kind of archery I enjoy are too far from here to allow for decent practice.

...But we live 10 minutes away from the biggest lake in the country, one that is eminently suitable for day touring kayaking.

It has become my personal project: save enough to buy a decent tandem kayak and related equipment, hopefully next summer I'll be able to go out in my own boat.
For ease of storage we'll need an inflatable, but I did want something that sits in the water rather than on it, after a bit of research I found this beauty.


It's the AE 1007-R Advanced Frame, by Advanced Elements

All reviews are extremely positive, it comes out as a great touring kayak: stable, rugged and with good load capacity and great tracking, it's also quite affordable to boot.

I can't wait. :)



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