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Dec. 19th, 2014

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I'm back (sort of,more reading than posting at the moment).

I wish to thank from the bottom of my heart all the friends who offered their condolences and their prayers upon my father's passing, and also those who thought of us and prayed for and with us without saying anything because they found themselves at loss for words.

Thank you, may you always find peace and consolation.


Katharine Kerr needs our help.

I just saw this and I have to share.
Been there,done that, not with Alzheimer but I'm familiar with the disorientation, hallucinations, confusion, mixed-up sleep patterns. It took a lot out of us and there were 3 healthy people in the family, thinking of caring for an Alzheimer patient alone is stuff for nightmares.

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Katharine Kerr is a nice lady, a fellow DAWthor, and a really great storyteller. She needs our help.

This is a nice lady who tells great stories, and needs us, maybe now more than ever. Take a look.

Thank you.

New Family Member

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...A feathered one, though. :)

Hubby and I have been talking for years about getting a parrot but we decided to wait a bit given the number of pets in the family.
Given that in the last couple of years we lost Shadow and Mithril we decided that we had no reason to wait anymore. We read a lot, started thinking about cockatiels, moved over to quakers, went to a couple of bird shows...

And yesterday Puck found us at a 'bird day' in a local shop and came home with us.

He is a locally born, hand-raised White-fronted Amazon, 9 weeks old, ten minutes after arriving home he was eating from our hands and exploring is cage, quite a bit of stretching and beak grinding ensued. :)

He's lively, bold and curious, we are smitten already and really looking forward to our adventures together.

Movie Crowdfunding

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Thanks to a FB friend I just discovered this indy movie project

Neither Wolf Nor Dog

It's an adaptation of the novel of the same name, the crowdfunding has 35 hours to go and they are about 2000 dollars below their goal, but will lose everything if they don't reach it.

Please, if you are interested in Native issues and representation donate or signal boost if you can

For the Flight Rising Players

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I just hatched a smoke Coatl clutch, the dragonlings are listed in the AH for 400K but if you buy them directly from me will be 350K, payment plans are available and I accept gems at 1:350

Here are the babies

Male ice/charcoal/gold

Male silver/black/gold

female coal/grey/gold

Link to my sales thread

Jul. 4th, 2014

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I'm not much into super heroes, but even to me these self-portraits as hijab-wearing supers are stunning.

I would love to read the adventures of that Captain America.

And in this vein... Happy Fourth to my US friends. :)

Book suggestion?

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Could anyone, please, suggest some good genre novels (sf/fantasy, M/F romance, historicals) in wich the main character is a non-stereotypical East Asian / Southeast Asian man?

Thank you!


Jun. 23rd, 2014

Today, browsing LJ, I happened across Rape, Abuse and Marion Zimmer Bradley by J.C. Hines, I read it, read some of the linked material...and I guess I'm still reeling.

I discovered Darkover in my late teens, and went through every novel I could find like there was no tomorrow, I loved that world and wanted more. Even though sometimes I emerged from a novel with a strange aftertaste in my mouth I thought it was due to my mindset as a reader reacting to the rather broad view of sexuality in the novels.

Later on I realized that I enjoyed the Darkover anthologies, with stories written by other people, more than most of the original books, but still was grateful to MZB for opening up her world and inviting other people in, and looked forward to her foreword and the introduction to each story both in the Darkover anthologies and the Sword and Sorceress collections, where I found many writers I still love and follow.

I used to free-form roleplay in Darkover, it was a place I liked to day-dream in (as a free amazon, a strong-willed Comynara or an esper human) when I needed some light-hearted adventures... now I feel the whole of Darkover is tainted.

I guess I feel duped into thinking that the helpful writer and curator (and she was that) was also a good person, and I feel that buying her books and spreading the love of her world I was aiding and abetting the other side of her I didn't know about.


On the Bride's Side

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In Europe, if you request the status of refugee, you cannot move to another country in the EU, not even if you have relatives or friends willing to take you in and sponsor you. You have to stay in the country where you place your request.

This is the reason why many people in flight from Syria and other war zones do not request to have their refugee status recognized, thus becoming paperless immigrants, aka illegal aliens, at risk of deportation (or worse) while they try to reach the country where their relatives live in.

But...What border guard would ever check the documents of a bride?

This question, almost a jest, started the adventure of 'On the Bride's Side' ('Io sto con la sposa') an indie docufilm set up to help five Syrian refugees reach Malmo and their families, European immigration laws notwithstanding.

It's half a road-movie and half a documentary, an act of civil disobedience against an injust law, an act of defiance that could cost the director and the troupe up to 15 years in prison for 'aiding and abetting illegal immigration'.

They have started an Indiegogo campaign to raise enough money to complete post-production, register the movie at the Venice Film Festival and get it into distribution.

I'm On the Bride's Side...and you?

Flight Rising registration window

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Flight Rising will have a 24-hour registration window today, starting in about 4 hours (5 AM server time).

If you like dragons take a gander and check it out: Flight Rising

And if you like what you see ans decide to sign up I'd really appreciate to be mentioned as the one who referred you, my FR handle is Seleya. :)


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