marina_bonomi (marina_bonomi) wrote,

Home-made sports drink

This summer the weather has been horrid over here, hot and damp. Doing anything more strenous than breathing resulted in being drenched and feeling light-headed.

Everybody have been drinking a lot to cope, for me the best refreshers are two all-natural solutions:

coconut milk (nothing added, drink cold, slowly)


our former gongfu instructor's homemade sports drink, I make it with our 'standard-size' bottled water, for 1.5 liters you'll need:

Juice of 2 lemons

2 tablespoons of sugar (I use cane).

2 coffee spoons of salt.

when I make it I pour some water in a glass before adding the other ingredients and then top the bottle as needed.

NOTE: if you use sparkling water pour about half in a carafe before adding the juice and the sugar in the bottle, otherwise you'll get a white-water eruption.
Tags: cooking, hobby, home

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