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More Great Reading

I have already mentioned Aliette de Bodard's Mexica trilogy, Obsidian and Blood and how much I like it. At long last I made some quiet time to read madame de Bodard's latest offering Scattered Along the River of Heaven published in the latest issue of Clarkesworld Magazine.
If you haven't already read it I urge you to click the link and do so, you won't regret it.

The story succeds in bringing us to different worlds and through a few decades just in about 7000 words, and which words are those! What it is about? Language, heritage, history and how it gets twisted by politics, revolutionary heroes who become unconfortable reminders of betrayed or lost or just non-practical ideals and so are better kept out of sight, culturally imposed strictures we aren't even really aware of and the limitations they bring, missed opportunities...all in a mix of prose and poetry that will be familiar to the lovers of haibuns or (even more) classical Chinese literature.

All that might make you think that the story is confusing, sentimental or maudlin. Nothing could be more off: there isn't a word out of place in Scattered Along the River of Heaven, it is as sharp, clear and elegant as a jade sword.
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