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Black Fox - Chapter 4

Good Monday to you, here is our newest episode in the story of Xiaowen and Viola. 

As usual comments are welcome and I'll be happy to answer any question you might have. :)

Last time we were in the middle of a conversation...

" I have been thinking about it for a while. A friend of mine has started working on the libretto, a few ideas for the music are already on paper, and since I find myself with some free time I might well see what comes of it”.

That sobered me up: “Still no new contracts?”

"There have been some approaches that melted away soon afterwards” he shrugged, a gesture almost exuberant for him and wholly Mediterranean, “Don’t worry, I have been through it before, it shall pass. Besides, I had wished to have more time to work on a big-scale composition”.

" You have better start before Tan Dun gets the same idea, after all he has already done Marco Polo and The First Emperor”.

" At worst, there is always Mulan” .

I just couldn’t help it, I burst out laughing and kept on until I found myself with tears running down my cheeks and an aching diaphragm,  Xiaowen looked at me, nonplussed,  some of the patrons had turned and stared at us, confused. One of them, red-faced and none to steady took a few steps towards us, his companions urging him on from the safety of the table. When I shook my head 'No' he shrugged and sat back down. 

"Sorry” I managed to gasp  while trying to regain control  “ it’s just …if you do that… I had this sudden image… people expecting you… to do Kungfu Panda next”.  

The idea of some journalist penning in all seriousness: “ Hu Xiaowen takes on Disney” was too much for him, it was a while before either of us could look at the other and not burst out laughing again.

" What I meant to tell you,” he said when we managed to stop giggling, “ is that I have some matters I need to take care of in Florence. It should take me two or three weeks.”

" Of course”, here it was coming. Had I really expected him to stay? We had been seeing each other for  three weeks, it was great, it was wonderful, it was something I looked forward to for days in advance and treasured afterwards, but what was I hoping he could say? He had a life elsewhere, commitments, friends.

"…find a house here”.

I came back to the conversation with a start: “Sorry?”

" I said I want to terminate the rental agreement for my house in Florence and buy a place here, maybe an old farm-house, a corte that could be refurbished”.

His gaze was soft and full of unsaid things. I felt warm all over, something melting inside me, for a wonder my voice didn’t tremble: ”A whole corte?  There are some beautiful ones in the hills,  most of those will need a lot of work, though”.

He shook his head “ That is not an issue nor is the financial commitment, I have the resources. What I would like help with, if you are willing that is, is to find two or three such houses to choose from ”.




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Mar. 15th, 2013 09:08 am (UTC)
Lucky him! (And, I guess, lucky Viola...)
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