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 Netizens residing in the People's Republic of China cannot write the date or mention  the numbers 64 (which can, given the Chinese way of expressing time, be constructed as June 4th ) or 35 (since people started writing about May 35th to go around the ban) or 24
(the years since the Tiananmen repression) but even expressions like that year and that day as well as candle are censored .

According to the Chinese governement the memory of the killings of that day, the massacre of June 4 and everything that followed must be erased by the memory of the people, like May the 35th, June 4 it is a day that never happened and isn't registered on their calendars.

Chinese Netizens are finding ways around the ban, for instance posting the famous photo of the Tiananmen 'Tank Man' with plastic ducks instead of tanks.


Please, share, circulate this image as much as you can, let's keep the memory alive.
Tags: activism, china, crime, current issues, history

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