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Marina's place

19 June
I am an Italian sinologist and bookworm, I work as a cultural mediator for China with my district's 'Foreign Residents' Office' and double as assistant, secretary and manager for my artist hubby thaldir.

I love taking long strolls in our beautiful countryside, soaking in the long history that surrounds us and we often take for granted.

I'm utterly fascinated by languages and what is at the roots of language itself, so I couldn't help but being utterly mesmerized by professor Tolkien's works, both his Middle Earth ones and his scholarly corpus.

If I had a decent amount of regularly free time (one is allowed to dream, right?) I'd like to devote myself to studying more languages, a few on my 'wish I could' list are : Japanese, Hebrew,Gaeilge,Langue d' Oc, Welsh, Icelandic and Old English.